Pricing for Business Prospects

If business prospects can accurately measure the the sales your product delivers, give discounts or even a free sample so they’ll try you. Example: A direct-response advertiser will buy frequent ads IF the ads make them money. Show them — with a free ad if necessary — your blog/publication/website will do so. Source: The TaoContinue reading “Pricing for Business Prospects”

Something is better than nothing

Receiving something is always more profitable than receiving nothing. Consider this when setting your price on hard-to-sell inventory, remnant airtime or space, or hours you’d otherwise spend contemplating your navel. Source: The Tao of Pricing. See also: Pricing Psychology Report. #pricing strategy #entrepreneurs

New product pricing mistakes

When launching a new product, always test a price much higher than you think the market will bear. An axiom: You always OVER estimate how many buyers you can get, but always UNDER estimate how much each will pay. (Source: The Tao of Pricing) #PricingPsychology #pricing #entrepreneurs