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COVID-threatened businesses now have 47 ways to raise prices without turning away customers!

It’s a tough time to have a small business! Shrinking sales and rising COVID costs have many entrepreneurs:

  • Waking up in a cold sweat afraid their business can’t survive
  • Pouring over financials — without finding anything else they can cut
  • Sick with worry about having to lay off employees

In this economy, there’s only one answer that can help the business survive — you have to raise prices. But what will your customers do?

You won’t find a faster, easier blueprint for raising prices without alienating your customers than 47 Ways to Raise Prices …Without Losing Customers. Thirteen of the tactics don’t require you do anything else but raise the price — each utilizing a different psychological principle. Others are tactics you can use in negotiations, or with changes in the product, promotion, positioning, packaging, or distribution. And you get the 1-2-3 PriceChangeModelTM that lets you assess the likely results of your price changes — and whether to respond to a competitor’s change.

You can read a tactic, raise your price, and immediately protect your business. AND you have this “idea book” for any time in the future when you face another pricing decision. 

Setting Profitable Prices has time-tested strategies for gaining an unbeatable competitive advantage. Pricing is one of the most important—and difficult—marketing problems companies face. It’s unfortunately a very time-consuming process—unless you can afford to pay a consultant to do it for you. This book helps you to never again leave money on the table when determining prices.

The best book if you want to really STUDY pricing is The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing. Used in doctoral and MBA pricing classes, no other book will give you as many ideas and as much theory as this book. It’s just a tough, dense read and a little short on how you translate this theory into practice.

All pricing isn’t logic. Per Pricing Psychology Report, buyers have irrational psychological quirks that make them prefer certain numbers, buy a more expensive product over an identical cheaper one, and much more. Here, in a compact, easily readable format, are the insights you need to take your pricing to a much more profitable level.

Why wade through thick pricing text books, when The Tao of Pricing covers 79 pricing tactics in just a few sentences each? Clearly. So easy to understand that the kid who mows your lawn could use them to raise his price to you — without losing your business! Looking for a unique gift for your business clients? Give the Tao of Pricing and you’re guaranteed to get not only a “Thank you” call, but one that leads to longer, fruitful discussions.

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