Hiring part-time or project help

Let’s look separately at the two primary reasons for hiring part-time or project help: 1) Work you are not capable of doing for yourself, and/or 2) Work you do not WANT to do for yourself. Help for what you can’t do yourself Hiring part-time or project help is a no-brainer when it’s for something youContinue reading “Hiring part-time or project help”

Writing great marketing copy

Writing marketing copy is a very specific skill, with only a few “geniuses” at it (I’ll list some options for you at the end of this post. If you can afford it, great copy writers can make a huge difference in your profits.) Don’t think because you are a good writer in general that youContinue reading “Writing great marketing copy”

Run your business from the beach – or ski lodge(!)

There are two wonderful books/businesses developed from the idea that you have your cake (business) and eat it too (live where you want). If this idea sounds great to you, I strongly recommend you read each of the two books listed below. One is more aspirational while the other more operational — but between theContinue reading “Run your business from the beach – or ski lodge(!)”

Protecting Your Biz with a Trademark

So you have an idea for your new business, but you’re worried someone else will steal it. Or you worry somene else may have already taken the name you want. A simple trademark search is your first step. And lucky for you, it’s both easy and free to see what anyone in the U.S. hasContinue reading “Protecting Your Biz with a Trademark”

How to Test Your New Biz Idea — BEFORE You Launch

Nobody wants to spend a ton of money launching a new business — only to discover they might as well have set it on fire. CB Insights (a venture capitalist database) examined what contributes to the failure of new businesses. “After analyzing 101 startup post-mortems, they found that 42% suffered from a lack of demandContinue reading “How to Test Your New Biz Idea — BEFORE You Launch”

Good websites — for cheap

You can’t have a business today without a website — no matter how local and how small you are.  But you can save yourself a LOT of time, angst, and money by picking the right hosting company and formats. There are certain “must haves” that will make your business life much, much easier. They are: Continue reading “Good websites — for cheap”