Dr. Marlene Jensen

Hi and welcome!

I’m Marlene Jensen, and I’m a serial entrepreneur (11 businesses & still counting!) who fell in love with pricing.

…Because nothing made more difference in the success or failure of those businesses than did pricing. Smarter pricing in just one business paid for my house. And it can do the same for you!

My second passion is for entrepreneurs — my favorite people! I volunteer locally with SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives), even though I’m not actually retired(!) It’s wonderful to help people launch their dreams — or turn their frustrating, never-ending hamster wheel of a business into one profitable enough to let them breathe again.

That’s why I’ve added a section to this website just for creators/entrepreneurs. It will focus primarily on new businesses with next-to-no money and next-to-no staff. I’ve launched (and helped launch) several businesses on the cheap — and will show you how you can as well!

BTW, if you have some advice for entrepreneurs — something that will help them succeed bigger and/or faster — drop me a note. I’d love to post your help in the Entrepreneurs Help Section! I’m at Jensen at PricingPsychology.com.

What People Say

“Managers can be so focused on product launches or customer retention that they fail to consider the impact of pricing on the ultimate success of their companies.”

John Suhler, Founding Partner, Veronis Suhler Stevenson

“Don’t worry if your time is limited. Dr. Jensen doesn’t bog you down with any more steps than absolutely needed to set more profitable prices — today!

P. Nicole Borner, founder, Metamorph, Inc.

“I like how Marlene Jensen has read thousands of pricing research studies, and conducted plenty herself. But I like even more that she knows how to condense it to what’s important for the busy executive!”

Roland A. DeSilva, Chairman & Managing Partner, Oakland DeSilva+Phillips


Author: 4 books on pricing strategy
Professor: Behavioral Pricing, Lock Haven University (13 years)
Doctorate: Dissertation on pricing new products
Researcher: 32 studies conducted on aspects of pricing strategy