Run your business from the beach – or ski lodge(!)

There are two wonderful books/businesses developed from the idea that you have your cake (business) and eat it too (live where you want). If this idea sounds great to you, I strongly recommend you read each of the two books listed below. One is more aspirational while the other more operational — but between the two of them you can figure out both what you want and how to start getting it. Honestly, I wish they’d both been around when I was still obsessed with international travel!

Become a “free-range human” entrepreneur!

Marianne Cantwell has a wonderful book that’s led to a great free blog — all to help you plan your escape from the 9-5 and commutes. It’s a great read and very inspiring. I’d recommend you read it first — just to get all fired up about the opportunities available. I ended up recommending it to several friends — who were also very impressed by it.

She’s also great about how to plan your escape from your job in stages — so you can actually afford it(!)

Marianne has some wonderful chapters on finding out how best you, personally work. Because if you try to promote your company in a way that doesn’t work for your personality, you 1) won’t be very good at it, and 2) you’ll burn out easier.

If you want more, there’s a great blog at:

Become a “suitcase entrepreneur”!

If Free Range Human gets you more stirred up about taking your business on the road, the next step is to read Natalie Sisson’s The Suitcase Entrepreneur. Natalie will show you the actions you need to take to make it a reality.

This book is loaded with practical advice on travel, banking, tools, safety, and everything else you may not have thought about but should before you jump on that plane to Fiji(!)

She has great chapters, such as “How to build a world-class team you may never meet” and great add-ons you can find on her website if you have bought the book.

If you want more, she also has a great free blog at

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