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Purchasing Agents

Purchasing agents may lie about your competitors’ prices. The wise marketer agrees to meet competitor prices ONLY if the purchasing agent puts them in writing. Source: The Tao of Pricing. #pricingstrategy #pricingpsychology #entrepreneurs

Getting a higher price

When do consumers consider $895 for a refrigerator a better price than $825? If the $895 is discounted from $995. Source: The Tao of Pricing. See also: 47 Ways to Raise Prices …Without Losing Customers. #pricing psychology #pricing #entrepreneurs

Buyers Hate Price Increases

Buyers hate price increases more than they love discounts (Prospect Theory). Therefore don’t raise your prices(!) A marketer with a high enough “basic” price can merely reduce the amount of the offered discount. This can be a 2-step process. 1. Raise your basic price, but increase your discount so your customers pay the same as…